Tamil Cinema Today

A Vairamuthu interview to kick off the day. First the good news. Vairamuthu is not writing for Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi. But he says, every “micro-second” of his life contains poetry. Like so:

“Princess of Istanbul (!)
Heat up the land with your kisses” (from Mazhai)

He talks warmly about Illayaraja, I think. It is kinda hard to figure out what the man is trying to say. And he also says something about talking to Rahman being a “pleasure.” Says their next project is Godfather starring Al Pacino and Asin.

And Rajinikanth? What can I say? Perhaps just a bad wig day.

Meanwhile, Balu Mahendra agonizes over good directors (read : him) not being treated right by Tamil cinema. Poignant story about him talking about salaries with other directors, and realizing belatedly that they were talking in millions, not thousands. I used to like him a lot, but he seems to be stuck in a rut these days.

Speaking of photos

Amazon is starting to establish itself as a “technology” company. After pioneering “search inside the book”, they’ve come up with this : the block view thing on its yellow pages is a great new idea. They have pictures of almost every block in select cites, and you can view storefronts, and browse the whole block virtually. Take that for cool!

Talking about photos, Google’s Picasa picture organizer is typical Google: simple, efficient and indispensable.

Serves you right…


My parents and I had been to a puja at a friends place, and they had catered food from an Indian restaurant called Madras Cafe. That reminded me of something.

Lavanya, Manoj and I had been there a while back. It had opened up about a year ago, and over time, the food had gone from above-average to bad, and I heard they had lost their chef. So we hadn’t been there in a while. But it was the only South Indian fare in town and sometimes you have this overwhelming urge to eat dosas.

We go in, and a waiter we hadn’t seen before seats us. He brings us water, and I ask him if he was new. He tells us he runs the place with his brother. Then we order Sambar Vadas with a little bit of trepidation, because on three past visits, the sambar had tasted stale.

So imagine our surprise when the Vadas were actually quite delicious. I was so pleased, that when the waiter came next to fill water I start up a conversation with him:

“The vadas are good today. The sambar has a different flavor.”

“Thank you. Must be the new chef we got.”

“Oh ok, that explains it. The old chef sucked big time, his sambar was atrocious. I’m glad you got rid of him.”

“I was the old chef.”

We hurriedly finished our food, and havent been there since. Plus, they opened a new restaurant called India South nearby. Oh, and whenever we go there, Lavanya does most of the talking.

Did I hear that right?

If you thought this was funny, here are some more jokes for you…

Look here. Yeah, you’re right, a picture, like in one of them comics. Isnt that hilarious? Why, there are so many such funny pictures like this, it’ like an entire collection of comics.

After you are done, you should go to this blog and write to the advertisers, so that they can sponsor more such hilariously funny clips. And while you are at it, condemn the radio station for being such spoilsports and suspending Miss Jones.

And then rot in hell.

PS : Music For America has some excerpts.

Update : They just suspended the radio show indefinitely.

Sprint and McDonalds suspend their ads, from hiphopmusic.com , which I found through Navin’s blog. Nice.

It’s a matter of time, stupid!

Finally, the Straight Dope on a question that I lost so much sleep over. Apparently, whether you walk or run, it’s the amount of time you do it that counts.

Now that I know this, I am gonna start working out tomorrow. Yup. Seriously. Meanwhile, if you get one of these , please send me an email right away. I know a guy who used to be the personal banker of your rich uncle in Nigeria that wants to get in touch with you.

More Conceit

This can be hard to believe, but you have to trust me (and this source)

Ajith Kumar’s next movie is called God Father to be directed by K.S.Ravikumar. No, don’t start laughing yet. Funny as it may sound, that’s not the joke. Supposedly this movie is based on the real GodFather. And Ajith Kumar is studying Al Pacino’s “body language and mannerism” so that he can act just like him. Bwahahaha.