Introducing SilverScreen

Someone talking to me for the first time is usually struck by two things: How incredibly handsome I am, and how incredibly smart I am. If they can get over this, they’ll be struck by two more things: How much I love movies, and how much I love books.

Someone meeting Manoj for the first time is usually struck by two things: How much he loves movies, and how much he loves music. Ok, maybe they’ll also be struck by how smart he is. Whatever. That’s not the point.

So anyways, Manoj and I spend the better part of our days IMing each other. In normal English, capitalized first words and all. (The only allowance for IMspeak is the ubiquitous brb, which I thought was a misspelt female undergarment when someone first used it on me. Now I know, and love to use it coz it sounds so, um, kinky.)

Illeana is hot, man.


Damn, Bluffmaster is a copy of Criminal.


Nayantara sucks, dude.

I am sleepy now.


Please bear with me, this is going somewhere.

To cut a long story short, we thought it would be fun if we could start a movie blog focusing on Indian movies. As an added incentive for me, I get to hang out with great writers at both my blogs.

Although the ostensible purpose of the blog is to share bits of movie wisdom we find interesting, to review movies we like and to share the occasional photo we like (*slurp*), the real purpose is to bash Nayantara. She sucks.

We’re tired of writing long posts (at least I am) and we’ll try to keep the entries short, snarky and sweet. (What’s wrong with lofty goals?). In other words, it’ll be like an IM conversation with the whole world. Damn, thats almost patentable.

And before I forget, here’s the URL: (aren’t you jealous we got such a cool name?).

To give credit where it is due, the idea originally came from Lavanya. Now she’s someone that loves movies. Enough to watch even the worst movie in the world with patient indulgence to the very end, and then stoically comment on how bad it was before changing DVDs. Enough to watch at least a movie a day – language no bar – for several years now. Enough to accumulate a database in her head of all the obscure movie trivia that’s fit to print.

I tried to recruit her to write, but it didn’t go too well.

Will you write for the movie blog you wanted us to start?

No, I’d rather watch a movie in that time.

Why don’t you try?

Can you not talk during the movie?

PS: Thanks to DoZ for looking over the template, to Kuzhali for looking over the template a million times (and asking me to remove shady banners), to Prash for help with (what else?) the template.

6 thoughts on “Introducing SilverScreen”

  1. I vaguely remember someone telling me that Bluffmaster (if you are referring to the Rohan Sippy one) was a copy of Matchstick Men. Haven’t seen Bluffmaster, so can’t quite confirm.

  2. I thought we agreed on me being the handsome one, and you the smart one. Cheat!

    Krithiga: Bluffmaster definitely smelt like a combo of The Game & Matchstick Men. But it stinks of ‘Criminal’, a remake of an Argentinian movie called Nueve reinas aka Nine Queens.

  3. Heheh! Been waiting for this a long time. But the template looks a whole lot different than I first saw it. 🙂

  4. Megha, thanks… not sure about the readers, but we are certainly having a lot of fun.

    And Ravages, thanks too.

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