Blog Mela: Nomination Call

Upupdate: Apologies, folks. Check back tomorrow. Are you done with that book?

Update: We are collating posts, and will be posting the mela soon. Until then, read a book or something.
This blog will host the Bharateeya Blog Mela this week, and etcetera (Motto: “Oh no, not again!”) invites you to nominate posts subject to the following rules:

  • Posts must be written by Indians, or have an Indian connection of some sort.
  • Posts must be dated between the 9th and the 16th of February 2006.
  • Only nominations received before midnight on the 16th will be considered for the mela
  • Nomination does not guarantee publication, non-nomination does not preclude publication. In other words, we will get one of the underlings to scour the web for posts.
  • One post per writer, please.

18 thoughts on “Blog Mela: Nomination Call”

  1. I want to nominate my post – where Bush reveals utter prejudice and bigotry as an excuse from honouring Mahatma Gandhi.

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