Dark Humor

etcetera ( Motto: “If you think our name is banal, wait till you read our posts”) is one of the few blogs nominated for the Best Indian Blog of the Year award. Pause for laughter. Sepia Mutiny is not in there. Longer pause.

We strongly belive that the only thing that stands between greatness and us is our comments policy. So people, as soon as we find an email provider who gives us enough room to store all the emails we get (mostly pictures of admirers interested in romantic relationships with the handsome guy that writes all these posts) we will disable comments. And then there’s no stopping us.

Update: etcetera (New Motto: “Bad jokes are our forte, if you hate them, take us to courte”) would like to mention that through the flippant exterior it is all mushy and is actually humbled by the honor: The wife actually voted for it, and if you add Chenthil it got TWO votes. Beat that, Amit.

PS: etcetera ( Newest Motto: “We are running out of mottos”) promises that it will not update this post anymore.

10 thoughts on “Dark Humor”

  1. Chenthil, just between you and me, thanks. I sounded a little flippant, but that doesn’t mean I don’t consider it an honor, although (and I am not that humble, you’ll know it when you meet me) I firmly believe that in the Indian blogsphere, there is Sepia Mutiny, and then there are the others.

    Feels a little hollow when they are not even in the top forty percentile of blogs nominated for the best Indiblog. But they had their processes, I am sure, and no process is flawless…

  2. Thanks Karthik. I don’t expect Sepia Mutiny to win any Indibloggies although it was nice to be considered. There are quite a few bloggers out there that don’t like our use of the term “South Asian,” and don’t consider us Inidan enough for an Indibloggie. In any case, as is obvious by your post, you recognize as well as I that the true reward of blogging is knowing that even a single person out there wants to read something you considered important enough to write down. Good luck. You got my vote 🙂

  3. I patiently waited for the indibloggies site to load, voted for etcetera (though the webmaster takes too many vacations 🙂 ). 50% of my household is yet to vote, but the trend looks promising.

  4. Karthik, I too nominated your blog and have just finished voting for you….don’t you dare make me regret it with your bad rhymes (forte/courte…groan!)

    As for Sepia Mutiny, yes they are fabulous and they should win…but they are correctly placed in the group blog category. I wonder why the SEA-EAT blog isn’t there as well.

  5. Abhi: That is so true, but the thing I was surprised about was that it got nominated and the jury didn’t shortlist it. Thanks for the vote 🙂

    Sibyl – no more bad rhymes? That’s gonna be hard to do, but we’ll try.

    And Subhash, 50% of my household didnt vote too 🙂 The webmaster tends to procrastinate…

  6. Congratulations on the nominations…hope you win it…its all in the game you know, you’ll be like the inspiration for millions of others…

  7. Dood! You deserve to be there on top man. Great blog you got.

    (Listen. Very hush hush, so don’t let this out, okay? – I was a juror and I voted for your blog! )

    Incredibly they didn’t have a funny man category, or you would have fit there perfectly. Also, I am hoping Sepia Mutiny too wins.

    Your motto sounds a lot like my baselines. Ask chenthil to explain 🙂

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