The Da Vinci Pendulum

Talking about Foucault’s Pendulum, there is a sense in which you did the Da Vinci Code before Dan Brown did. Of course, you did it as a myth that takes on a strange reality and he did it as it was historical truth.

I told Dan Brown’s story. My characters are his. I gave the broad picture of this kind of literature.

Umberto Eco
, in The Hindu. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Mr. Eco is claiming he is Dan Brown’s inspiration. Oh, well, Christmas is approaching and I guess people want to confess to their crimes. Good Lord, please spare Umberto. He is just a professor who writes books on Sundays.

2 thoughts on “The Da Vinci Pendulum”

  1. Dan Brown could actually finish the Foucault’s Pendulum? Man, I am starting to respect this guy now. 🙂

  2. I’ve read Foucault’s Pendulum, and agree that Brown’s work is sorta like Foucault’s Pendulum For Dummies. OK, that’s an exagerration, because the two books aren’t completely similar. I’ll have to re-read FP sometime (read in the next 50 or so years, if am alive, maybe), because the first time around, a lot of it went over my head, and some bits went right through leading to nightmares… Not a fun experience. But such experiences are good for the soul, or so I tell my Mom.

    The best part of that interview was this very comforting line – “I started writing narratives [novels] so late — at the age of 50, more or less.” Yipee!! There’s still time!

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