On the ability of a prizewinning book to change minds

Banville doesn’t always help his own case. A few hours before the ceremony he confided to an American journalist that The Sea was “a bad book”. [Link]

‘It is nice,” said John Banville on Monday night, “to see a work of art win the Booker prize.”[Link]

5 thoughts on “On the ability of a prizewinning book to change minds”

  1. I suppose Banville could still save face because he did not really say good work of art 🙂

    And Karthik – why is Banville getting so much of footage on Stochastica in the last couple of days? Changing opinions are we? 😉

  2. Lavanya, I am very neutral on Banville. I haven’t read a book by him – my two posts have been pointers to articles about him winning the Booker. I am trying to get hold of The Sea, and I promise, I’ll give it a fair shot. 🙂

    Gp, Haven’t read the book but yes, the reviews haven’t been very kind like you say.

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