Straight A’s, Crooked Ways

The April 11th issue of Newsweek that I got around to reading today has this shocker: A guest column by an aspiring singer, Nicole Kristal, who started tutoring rich kids to make ends meet. She finds out that “tutoring” in this case meant doing all their work: writing essays and term papers while the kids whiled away their time watching TV, doing drugs or having sex. Being rich, the young men and women tutored by Kristal had high standards – she got fired by a tutoree for a term paper that scored a mere B-.

For three years, I was an academic prostitute. I ruined the curve for the honest and ensured that the wealthiest, and often stupidest, students earned the highest marks. I was a professional paper-writer.

Finally Kristal realized that she was doing something dishonest, and quit. After three years.

Link: ‘Tutoring’ Rich Kids Cost Me My Dreams

Perhaps, Laura should’ve considered getting a tutor.

PS: Cheats suck.

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