Syrupy Sunday (or shamelessly deifying Ilayaraaja)

 I listened to Uravugal Thodarkathai again today. Who could have known? That a mere song could move you, hard-nosed and all that, so much. Every chord emotional, every riff tugging at heart strings. That malleable music existed, music that could blend in with whatever you were feeling. A frenzied friend by your side, dragging your mind through an emotional kaleidoscope.

Strangely, all that remains at the end is contentment; joy. And the urge to rewind, replay. A little overwhelmed: At this rate, I am never going to go through the hundred other songs that do similar things to my brain. And as always, shock: That one man could compose all of this in one lifetime.

Now, this attempt at rendering the Thiruvasakam – an epic Saivite poem – as “Thiruvasakam in symphony“. Sixty year old man, at the twilight of his career, reduced to desperately seeking recognition that he so richly deserves. I just wish I could go up to him and tell him that after one Uravugal Thodarkathai, the rest is all fluff.

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6 thoughts on “Syrupy Sunday (or shamelessly deifying Ilayaraaja)”

  1. Just a fabulous song…… I had a chance to see this on TV when i ws in india last month…. if i remember right, it was sri priya in the lead role. The song has been in my head ever since.. I need to watch the movie now!!

  2. Hi, may I blog this post in my blog? I’m addicted to the song too…at least I could put a link linking your post to my post. I think some people would download the song. Does it create any problem??

    Ill wait till you reply.

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