Intellectual Property is for Losers

Poor Kumudam. They pay people actual money to go gather news. Like this interview with A.R. Rahman – a scoop by all standards, because Rahman can be hard to get hold of. They publish the interview, and what happens?

The smart guys at Cinesouth turn around and publish the interview on their website. Attributions? Bwahahaha. You must be joking. Since Kumudam takes a while to update their online page, it actually appears like Cinesouth did it first. Clever, na?

4 thoughts on “Intellectual Property is for Losers”

  1. I do not think you are right….
    As a reader of cinesouth, i can say that the interivews taken by them comes under separate headings…

    I also remember this interview of Rahman coming in other Cine magazines..

    People generally consider themselves to be intellectual when they talk about IPR 😉

  2. Not a press meet. No. Kumudam clearly seems to say they met Rahman, and has interviewer and photographer credits.

    Rajan, Does using a separate heading qualify you to steal content from other publications? Do you see any attributions anywhere in that cinesouth article? I hate to generalize, but I will probably be right if I say that cinesouth gets most of their content from other publications – offline and online. They are not the only website to do this, though.

    How could anyone justify a section called “Nangal Suttavai” being under the paid section of a website?

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