Poor Mr.Pinto

All the Indian Blogs seem abuzz with a story about this guy called Rohan Pinto plagiarizing content from numerous other blogs and putting them up on his site as his own. (Details here.) Amit Varma also touches upon the fact that plagiarism is not restricted to the blogosphere. Why pick on Mr. Pinto? He is just a symptom of a wider malaise.

Several online-only Indian publications do the same thing,and try to make money out of it. Case in point: http://www.cinesouth.com/ plagiarizes almost all its content from newspapers and magazines and passes it off as their own. Cinesouth is brazen enough to have a section called “Nangal Suttavai” (Stolen Content) which has articles and interviews from several magazines and make it part of their paid section.

As a society India doesn’t really care about plagiarism. Every other Hindi movie seems to have Hollywood roots. Most of the popular composers have plagiarized at least a few songs from somewhere. ( http://www.iespana.es/i2fs/) . Even one proven instance of stealing, and a western composer would have lived the rest of his life in ignominy. We dont care : we will still watch “inspired” movies ; listen to “influenced” albums and generally pretend like it never happened. And we blog away furiously about the Pintos, while listening to Anu Malik’s latest.

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